Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion

Through a calculated social media presence and an unattainable aesthetic, Brandy Melville has become the must-have clothing brand for teens around the world. Behind the scenes, however, a toxic work environment and discriminatory recruiting methods have flourished. Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion exposes a system of exploitation within Brandy Melville and the global fashion industry — from the fast fashion brand's impossible beauty standards to the far-reaching consequences of cheap, mass-produced clothing.

HBO Documentary Films presents Brandy Hellville & the Cult of Fast Fashion, a Lightbox Production. Director, Eva Orner; producers, Jonathan Chinn, Simon Chinn, and Eva Orner; line producer, David Kraemer; editor Claire Didier; director of photography, Nick Higgins; original music by Cornel Wilczek.